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Legoland or Sea World?

I'm not a SDer but I'll be there over Thanksgiving.  I have a 15 month old son and we will be taking him to the zoo one day and we're debating between Legoland and Sea World for the other day.  Does anyone have any thoughts on what would be more age-appropriate?  Thanks for any advice.

Re: Legoland or Sea World?

  • I'd say Seaworld at his age.  Legoland is better for kids over the age of 3 IMHO.  At Seaworld he'll be able to get up close to a lot of animals, there are tons of shows for kids of all ages.  I took my oldest there for the first time at 12 months and she LOVED it.  Plus they have a great play area for kids.
  • sea world, hands down.

    the sesame street bay of play is one of my LO's favorite places, ever.  they have a great breakfast with elmo you might want to look into, if he is into Elmo at all it is such a neat experience for them.

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  • Seaworld for a toddler. They have the Sesame Street Bay of Play.
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