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clearblue easy fertility monitor and opk help

okay, why do i feel like this thing kind of sucks?  Yesterday i saw fertile eggwhitish cervical fluid but my monitor said i was not fertile today or yesterday. Am I wetting the stick too much or too little?  This thing is on my nerves.  Any success with this thing?  My periods are usually like every 40 days so i usually o around day 24.  Today is day 21 and nothing on monitor.  i tired a regular opk and the test line was there but not as dark as the other line.  does that mean i am alomost surging?

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  • OPKs read for LH that is always in our system, so you will always (or almost always) see a line. The LH peaks a couple of days before ovulation causing the line to become darker or as dark as the control. That is a positive OPK.

    CBEFM - the monitor can take 1-2 months to get to know your body. So if you have not used it for that long, then it will not help you for the first couple of months. Also, it is not suggested for people with long cycles (I think over 35 days, although I could be off on that number a bit). 

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  • This is my 1st months using the monitor and 2nd months using clearblue digital (smiley) opks. The past 2 days I have gotten a positive (smiley) on the opk but just highs on my monitor. I think it will take a month or 2 for the monitor to know when our surge happens! My sister went through the same thing.... the first month she used her monitor it didnt show her surge. I always look at the lines on my monitor. I noticed that they are almost the same color as eachother. Also on my opks they tend to get darker and darker closer to ovulation. My cycles are around 38 days so I have long cycles too! GL this week! Hope you get a BFP :)
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