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ttc #1... hypothyroidism problem

My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for a year now and shockingly we never ended up pregnant. We came to find out this August I have a thyroid issue. My thyroid is extremely under-active, my levels are thru the roof! This explains my missing periods and weight gain. We have always been worried about our TTC because I have a history of ovarian cysts and irregularity. I have been on my thyroid meds for about two months now and go thursday for more blood work to see if my levels have come down at all, they will then adjust my dose accordingly.

I was just wondering if anyone else out there has conceived in our situation? My OB/Gyn says my periods should reappear as soon as my thyroid levels become normal and then conceiving shouldn't be an issue. I have an u/s the 25th just to be sure there is nothing else crazy going on. We just really want to conceive our bundle of joy!! My emotions are defiantly all over the place now, my husband is such a sweetheart and is so wonderful to me and we both want a child sooo bad. Any inspirational stories or advice would be wonderful!


Best of luck to everyone in there baby journeys! 

Re: ttc #1... hypothyroidism problem

  • I originally was dx's with hypothyroidism, unfortunately along the road they also discovered I had diminished ovarian reserve (not caused by hypothyroidism) so I did need a bit more to get pregnant. But treating the thyroid is such an important step, whether it is all you need or a stepping stone!

    Good luck! 

    A lot of years and a million tears finally led me to you.
    After 7 years trying to concieve, 3 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVFs, my third IVF was a success!
    My Christmas baby turned into a turkey bird! Dillon Richard was born at 34 weeks, 5 days on November 28, 2009 after 10 weeks on bedrest for preeclampsia.
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  • I'm hypothyroid and I have PCOS. I went on Clomid in October and got a BFP last Thursday.  All my levels are under control. As long as you are being monitored you should be ok.  Good luck!
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  • Congratulations on your lil one!! Thank you for responding and best of luck to you!! 
  • AuntieJackie,

         I have a borderline hypothyroidism, so I am on the low side, but not low enough for them to medicate me (one test was hypothyroid barely, and the other was normal barely).  I have very irregular periods and gained a lot of weight rapidly and unexpectedly. The good news is that I have been pregnant once when I was younger, but it did not work out, possbly due to hypothyroidism? I am pretty sure you can get pregnant normally like your doctor said when your levels are normal.  You will probably drop some weight too! :) Just make sure to continue controlling your thyroid hormones regularly if you get pregnant, because hypothyrdism for mommy is really bad for the fetus! Good luck and keep us posted!


  • After i went off BCP, I didn't get my period, so my dr. thought it might be my thyroid, so I had it checked, and was DX'd with hypothyroid  (which wasn't surprising b/c it runs in my family and I've been borderline for a few years now). Even after getting my medicine to the right dose (which only took one try), I still didn't get my period back, at least not at all regularly, and when I do get it, I'm not ovulating on my own. So, this month, we're doing our first IUI. I guess the bottom line is that while hypothyroid can cause your period to stop, getting on meds may not lead to it restarting. There may be other underlying issues,
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