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Newbie - what is a Lap?

We just started seeing a fertility specialist and just completed my Day 3 and have HSG scheduled tomorrow...

I heard mention on this board about Lap what is it- what does it do...

I hope I have the stamina to continue all of the visits..right now I feel like a freak:(

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Re: Newbie - what is a Lap?

  • Laproscopic surgery (hopefully I did not butcher the spelling) It is to diagnose and remove possible scar tissue caused by having endometriosis
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  • Having it done on 12/'s scary but there are lots of girls on here and infertility that can give you lots of help and stories.
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  • I had an appendectomy done in June and it's the exact same procedure. If only I was smart enough to have them look for endo while they were in there!!! DUH! Oh well.....
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