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What to do?

I'm pretty new at using the board, but hopefully you girls could steer me in the right direction...

 I was on bcp for almost a whole 8years and stopped this past May. I know I keep hearing and reading it'll take awhile for the pills to fully leave my system in order for me to get pregnant and everyone's body is different so there's no real exact time frame for that. Since stopping the pills DH and I have been TTC, but because I was on the pills for so long my period isn't on a regular cycle, and therefore I can't judge when I'm ovulating. A friend of mine is going through the same thing (TTC 2 months longer than I have been trying, but she is on her 2nd child)  she's already seen her dr, did a blood test and had an ultrasound done. Should I be doing the same things, or give it more time still? I wasn't sure if she was doing those things because it was her 2nd child and there wasn't a problem the first time around or if these are things I should be seeing my dr. and talking to him about. We've been TTC for 6 months now, should we just keep trying or should I be seeing the dr for concerns?

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Re: What to do?

  • If you're under the age of 35 then you need to be TTC for over a year to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Because there is only a 20% chance for a woman to get pregnant every month, typically an RE will not see you until you have reached the year mark. I wouldn't be worried or too concerned just yet. I know it's frustrating. Just hang in there and good luck. 
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  • When my husband and I decided to TTC in January, in March I had learned of temping, so we started that and in May I made a Dr. appt just for my annual and to let him know we were TTC.  I took my charts with me to show him and our previous cycle lists.  After looking over my charts and lists my Dr became concerned that I wasn't ovulating, so he gave me 2 more cycles of temping and sent me for blood work with each.  Everything showed that some cycles I did ovulate and some I did not.  After going back to talk with him last week we weighted our options, of either continuing to try on our own or we could give clomid a try to increase our chances of actually ovulating. Anyway my advice to you is it is never to early to go speak to your doctor not to say that he will be able to speed the process along but at least to make him aware that you guys are TTC and to possibly give you some answers and peace of mind.  Good Luck!

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