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Thoughts: Kaiser versus Cedars Sinai

I am at a crossroads and am potentially switching insurance companies.  I would like to hear your thoughts on choosing to have a baby at Kaiser (along with various education courses) or at Cedars.  My open enrollment period isn't long and I am seriously debating either way.  I am still early in my pregnancy, but by jan 1st, I will need a steady doctor.


Re: Thoughts: Kaiser versus Cedars Sinai

  • I go to Kaiser and so does my entire family. There's pro's and con's for both hospitals but honestly I haved nothing but positive experiences with Kaiser. Good luck with your choice.
  • I have been to both. Currently dont have an option and am with Kaiser. I would probably DO ANYTHING to go back to Cedars.

    However, i have no exp with babies so this will be my first birth and my baby will be delivered at Kaiser in WH.

    My husband had good friends who just delivered at Cedars and they didn't have a great exp though. I guess the went bc she was ready and they sent her away bc they were "Full" and she probably wasn't as close to delivering as they expected. 

    A plus about dont have to deal with lab bills and the drs and billing your insurance, it is all done in house. Much much less headache and paperwork.

    GL with your decision.



  • I love Cedars. If all it's coming down to is where you want to deliver, you should visit both hospitals and see which facility suits your needs better.
  • I would do Cedars. I dont personally like Kaiser.
  • image *Sweet pea*:
    I would do Cedars. I dont personally like Kaiser.

    Ditto this.

  • My parents are with Kaiser, and one has had great experiences, the other HORRIBLE.  (My father is ill and undiagnosed, Kaiser doesn't seem to get diagnostics right - often.  They also have no follow-up)  I'm basically fighting to get him out of their system for 2nd opinions - and they are dragging their feet.

    That being said, I have friends who really liked having their babies in WH. 

    Cedars is a whole other.... I chose to deliver somewhere other than Cedars due to it being a teaching hospital.  I had a couple friends have their epis botched.  My OB teaches at USC, and I would have had a room full of students.  I was totally not comfortable with that.  (And I ended up with a cs.)



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