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OB/MW recommendations Taunton area? Morton H. reviews?

Can anyone recommend an ObGyn or Midwife in the Taunton area?  Also, anyone hear anything about Morton Hospital in Taunton?  It's the closest hospital to my home and I've checked it out, I'd just like some personal recommendations.  TIA!

Re: OB/MW recommendations Taunton area? Morton H. reviews?

  • I didn't use Morton when Iw as PG because MH and I moved to the area when i was 30wks along and already had an OB at the time. However the staff at Morton is really nice. DS had to stay 2 days there in the pedi ward for a bronchistis flair up and the nurses loved him. Whenever we've had to go in for a chest xray for his breathing we have always been in and out of the place.

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  • Thank you for your review.  It's helpful to know they're so personable!
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  • I would say NO NO NO to Morton. Too many things go wrong there and they F up, ALL the time. I will be traveling to RI because I don't trust them.
  • My ObGyn is Dr. Molina in Taunton, and I love her.  A lot of people do not like Morton Hospital but I thought there Maternity and Labor and Delivey departments were great.  I am high-risk and had to go in for two stress tests a week the last four months of my pregnancy, and everyone was very nice and did a great job.  I am pregnant now again, and I plan to stay with the same OB, and go to Morton Hospital.  I actually live an hour away from Taunton, but I don't want to switch my OB, since she did such a great job with my first child.  I think other areas of the hospital are terrible, but when it comes to having a baby they are great.  I think it is also important to stay close to home, incase something happens.  I think Dr. Molina's office also has a midwife in the same practice, or at least she did when I had my first child three years ago. 
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