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Sad about your pregnancy ending?

Is anyone else kind of sad about their pregnancy coming to an end? Don't get me wrong, I'm not the biggest fan of being pregnant and I know I have SO much more to look forward to, but I can't help but be a little sad that this pregnancy is coming to an end. I'm going to miss feeling her move all around inside of me. And I'm sad that I'm never going to be pregnant for the first time ever again. Can you relate to me or am I just crazy/emotional/ and sappy lol?

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Re: Sad about your pregnancy ending?

  • Not really. We still have almost two months to go, which I'm sure will feel like plenty. :-)


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  • I can relate, but mine is more bittersweet this is my last pregnancy.

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  • I hear you, a little bittersweet for it to end.





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  • ::lurking from 3-6::  I didn't feel this way at all when I was pregnant.  But in the weeks that followed Baby Diamond's birth, I totally missed being pregnant. 

    Maybe the screaming baby and lack of sleep had something to do with?  ;)


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  • Heck no!  I want my baby.

    I'm soooo so ready for it to be over.  I had one of those "I'm so tired of being pregnant" crying fits last night, but those are few and far between.

    But I guess on some level I'll miss it, and my guess is that it'll be around the time we start trying for our second. :) 

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  • I was with my first pregnancy...this pregnancy I CAN NOT wait to not be pregnant!
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  • I was just thinking this earlier.  I can't wait for her to arrive, but it is so amazing feeling her move around inside me.  I know there will be many more amazing things after she arrives, but I will miss that.
  • I know what you mean.  I am thrilled of course to meet my baby, but there is something so nice about the anticipation of it all.  It is so exciting to experience the baby moving inside you, getting the nursery ready, etc.  I can't wait to meet LO, and as much as I have had killer heartburn, I have really enjoyed being pregnant.
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  • Not for me.. I loved being pregnant and besides a few issues I had a great pregnancy (no morning sickness, etc). But to be honest, I am so happy that I'm almost done. at this point I feel like I've been pregnant forever and almost everything hurts, all day long. I'll miss not feeling my LO move inside me but I can't say I'm sad it's going to end soon! (very soon i hope *fingers crossed*)

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  • Well... I'm only 3 weeks ahead of you but if it makes you feel any better I've heard the 3rd tri is turtle slow and so far it feels like it to me. So you have about 9 more weeks to love up pregnancy!!!
  • I was just talking to DH about this. On one hand I will miss people commenting on my belly and asking me about baby. I will miss feeling her kick and move. Just all of those special moments. And I do truly enjoy seeing my bump, I've grown to really love it.

    But then I think about how much easier it'll be getting ready when I can wear regular pants and tops. It won't take everything out of me just to roll over in bed. The back pain will be gone.... all of those things I will not miss!

    In the end though, I'll finally have baby in my arms. Which will be so much better than knowing she is here, but I can't hold her.?

  • I am going to be very sad when it is over.  I can't wait to hold the LO, but this is my first pregnancy and I am obviously never going to have these "firsts" again.  I have had a very smooth pregnancy following a m/c last year and will find it very bittersweet to end.  I love feeling all the movements:-)
  • I'm only a few weeks ahead of you, but NO I cannot wait to have LO in my arms and not around my midsection!!

    It's hit me harder this week (he's lower, but not dropped, if that makes any sense - he dropped this week) and I am so independant that even trying to reach things on tall shelves that I used to be able to get (now difficult) or bending over  to get stuff (that now twinges or brings on BH) that never used to be a problem is BUGGING THE CRUD OUTTA ME!! DH is gone 4 days a week, so I am taking care of 2 dogs, 2 cats, me and the house - I hate not being able to do what I used to!! Love being pregnant, will love having it over.

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  • Hells no!! I can't wait to meet this boy and have him bug me outside of my body rather than inside of my body!
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  • Well, I can't wait to meet my little guy but I do think I will miss being pregnant... but I still would like to meet my LO anyday now!!! hahaha...
  • Mark me down as a "no" - there is so much more to look forward to! I just want to hold my little man in my arms and kiss his little forehead and nose. Then I want to experience his first smile, his first laugh, all those AMAZING things. :) I am so ready!

  • No way... I'm ready for it to be over with
  • I know lots of women who love being pregnant and miss it when it's gone, but I'm so uncomfortable at this point that I just keep thinking "please get this baby out of me soon!"  I know from past experience that I don't really miss being pregnant once the kiddo arrives. 
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  • It depends on the day, really. ;)

    Most days I really do enjoy being pregnant. Of course I'm having all of the typical pregnancy-related aches and pains, but I'm oddly enjoying it. It's like my special time with my little guy--it's just between us.

    But then there are the days that I'm running on no sleep, I'm peeing every 45 minutes, my back feels like it's about to crumble to pieces, and my feet are the size of my thighs....and I'm so ready for it to be over. So yeah, just depends on the day. :)

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  • No.  Not even a little bit.
  • I am torn about this.  I cannot wait to hold my LO but at the same time I will miss feeling him/her move around and watching my belly move.  I will also miss DH talking to LO or just lying his head on my belly waiting to be kicked. 


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  • i totally missed being pg once it was over.

    some people can't wait for it to end....for me it was awesome!

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  • I can't wait for it to be all over.  I haven't been able to do my job duties since my first appt at 8 weeks and have had to rely on my annoying coworkers to do my job.  And now, my body hurts so much and I can't get comfortable at all.  I can't wait to meet my little boy.  That and I think he's bruised my insides with his movements.  I love feeling him move, but I'll be so happy not to have my DH ask "What's wrong?" every time I flinch.
  • Not really right now but I know I will as soon as he comes.  Kind of like when your getting married, the wedding seems like it's taking forever to get here, all you want is it to be your wedding day and then finally it's here and your like "Oh, I'll never be engaged again."  Right now I just want to see him though!  ; p Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Pregnancy Ticker
  • All you ladies at 30-33 wks, its too early to be thinking about the end.  It was so easy back then.  By the time I hit about 37 weeks, I was completely done.  Now at 1 day past my due date, I am beyond ready for this to be over.  At the end it gets SOOOOO uncomfortable and I have not even gained that much weight.  Just with feet in ribs, not being able to sleep, or get comfortable when sitting.  The day will come soon enough where you ladies want to give your little one's their eviction notice!
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  • umm no.  it's been long enough already.  Last time I did actually miss the belly after a little bit, but I got over that pretty quickly when I could fit in my normal clothes again.
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  • I am far from sad. I know I still have a couple more months... but I cannot wait for this pregnancy to be over. Don't get me wrong, I love feeling him kick me especially when the girls at work are pissing me off... it's a great reminder as to why I put up with their sh!t... but I want my body back. It was never perfect... but it was mine. I have felt like such an alien since becoming pregnant... I can't eat what I want, I can't drink what I want... I've never been so controlled in my life. I miss weighing under 200 pounds... and I miss being able to walk without being in pain... hell, I miss being able to do anything without being in pain. I miss sex feeling good. I miss not being a hormonal mess 24/7.

    So to sum it all up, I will be greatful when I can finally get back to my life--with my little one in my arms of course.

  • Somewhat. This is my last pregnancy, so I know I'm going to miss it afterward. But I'm not going to miss having to watch my diet so closely b/c of GD, or being so sore down yonder that I can barely walk... But I will miss those times when it's just me and her, and she's pushing on my tummy. Too, I know how quickly they grow up on the outside, so I have some sadness that this really will be my last "baby".
  • Only sad that my daughter will no longer be the center of our attention! I'm sad for her and don't want to miss out on her cuteness, however, she needs the reality check so she can learn to share and it will be so worth it. Otherwise, I'm ready for it to be over!!!

  • I'm one of those really annoying people that absolutely love being pregnant and this one has flown by for me! I'm trying to soak up every minute that I have left. I am so excited to meet her and see her but I will definitely miss being pregnant. I was just talking about this to DH yesterday and I started tearing up.
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  • God no. I've been pregnant for nearly three years. I am ready to be done forever.
  • HELL no! I seriously doubt you will feel that way in 9 weeks, but maybe you will. The end feels a lot different.

    Of course, I'm in a lot more pain than the first time. But I wasn't sad then, either. 

  • I think I'll miss feeling him moving.  Other than that I probably won't be too sad.
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