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This poor girl needs a new doctor.

I would be pissed if that were me, but then again I am all too familiar with that scenario. 

Re: This poor girl needs a new doctor.

  • That is insane and cruel. Poor woman.
  • I hate when doctors don't listen to us. WE KNOW our bodies damn it.
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  • Seriously! At least she knows what is up, even though it truly sucks.
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  • fvck yeah she does.

  • Thats one thing that I hate about Dr.s that always act like you have no idea what you are talking about. I understand that they went to school for a very long time to do what they do, but at the same time I have been in my body for a long time and I kinda know what is going on with it sometimes.
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  • Yep.  That was my exact situation, too.  Only my baby's hb was 54. 

  • That's hard......I understand the dr's point though---there's nothing they can really do right now......That's terrible. I hate it when anyone has to go through something like that....
  • Ugh, stupid doctor. 2 weeks is ridiculous.
  • seriously.. wow... everytime i read a post like this i thank God for my dr... seriously, i've only seen her ONCE ever (post mc) and she is already running bloodwork, doing a SA on DH, and planning what tests to run next cycle if the bw comes back clean and i'm not KU... i can't imagine having a dr not be helpful or be cornered into not getting the care i deserve... the only reason i left my old gyno is because their office no longer did OB... i feel pretty lucky... i hope the machine measured wrong... truly! a friend of mine who is currently 8 wks had measured almost a week behind, went back in for another us 2 days later due to betas being high, and then measured on track... there's always a chance and sure hope she and baby are okay
  • That is so sad...I'd be throwing a fit!
  • poor girl....having to wait so long to go back too!  I know the days between my two m/c were some of the worst of my life.  The tech who did my u/s told me the same thing.  She kept telling me that my dates were off - but I knew when I had sex!  It made me so mad!
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