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I saw this and thought of everyone here


I'm a very private person when it comes to emotional things and I thought if I was going to buy something in rememberance of the baby I lost, this would be it. It could be something for me that was a symbol of what I lost and overcame in a very subtle way. 

I know people consider birthstone type of jewelry, but this avoids that issue of what stone if you are conflicted.

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Re: I saw this and thought of everyone here

  • I'll definitely check out the site, but for me my rememberance is the stork with baby charm my husband got for my charm bracelet after we found out I was pregnant.  Even though we lost the baby, the feelings and joy and excitement we felt are represented by that charm.
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  • I really, really like this. I too have been struggling with the idea of getting something, and birthstones are not subtle enough for me. I don't want everyone who knows me to know just what the item is for, you know?

    This is cute, and I would wear it. I wonder if they can do white gold...hmm...

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  • Funny that you mention this tonight, I posted this earlier on TTCAL:


    We wanted something for our home, so that our babies were always here with us.

    I also will now be adding to my memorial tattoo. I would love to add a star someday for a baby I bring home. There's a pic in my bio.

  • when we lost our last little one, I got this ring:

    A Red, Red Rose Ring - Victorian Era

    From an Etsy seller (StudioRegency).

    It's an awesome remembrance. 

  • I love the ring!   DH and I are also planting a tree in memory of the baby we lost.  We are Jewish so we are planting a tree in Israel... the forest the we are planting in is the Childrens of the Holocaust memorial forest. 
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  • After having lo I got a necklace that has two baby feet and a saying, after the m/c im adding a cross that says faith.

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