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Clomid & PCOS & false bfn's...??

This last month was my first round of clomid, and I ovulated fine, and we BD'd every night just to be sure. Well, AF was suppose to come 4 days ago...and nothing, so I tested and got a BFN. Tested again yesterday, and again got a BFN. 

A few times now over the past couple days, I've gotten really minor cramping [usually my cramps are awful when AF rolls around..but this time theyre super minor, and don't last long]. My boobs are somewhat sore but nothing minor, and my skin is breaking out like crazy. 

 Today, I thought perhaps AF was coming, but it was just really light spotting [clearish brown, not pink or red at all] this morning, then nothing after that.  [usually AF comes hard and heavy for me, so this isn't normal either]. I read at one point that having PCOS can sometimes cause a false BFN....anyone else ever here of this? And if not, could all this just be a late side effect of the clomid? 



Re: Clomid & PCOS & false bfn's...??

  • ...not to post and run...but gotta get some sleep...heading to soldier field in the morning for a bears game! woot! i'll check back in the morning...comments appreciated, thanks!
  • I have PCOS and have never heard of it causing BFNs. If you have regular periods and are 4 days late then you probably aren't pregnant. Sorry. Hang in there. I would definitely go see an RE. It is really important to have the proper monitoring while taking these medications. Also the diagnostic testing performed at the RE's office will make sure everything is working properly and there are no problems. If you do have PCOS you should also be taking Metformin along with the Clomid. Good luck!
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  • The clomid will make you ovulate harder and will in turn produce more progesterone. Your period will not start until the progesterone levels have gone low enough. If you are testing BFN then I would say the clomid did its job and in turn has lengthened your luteal phase.
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