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2nd Pregnancy 1st Loss!

I'm in shock right now... and very emotional.  I had my 12 week U/S yesterday and when they brought up the baby, the technician was like oh my the baby is much younger than you think... I knew immediately something was wrong when there was no movement at all.

The baby stopped growing at 10 weeks.. apparently right after I heard the heartbeat.  I have accepted the loss and I know I will be okay... I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm just in a lot pain right now emotionally.

Thankfully I was able to get a D&C yesterday to remove the baby.  It was an exhausting experience since I got there at 11am, and didn't have the procedure until 4.  I had a half a cup of a caramel latte at 9am, so becuase of that they wanted to wait 6 hours. 

Now I just sit here in shock, wondering when the pain will subside.  The Dr was encouraging by telling me that since I already have 1 very healthy son, the chance of another misscarriage is 5%. 

Of course we want to start right away... my midwife is out of the country at the moment, so I don't even know when the suggested time wait is.  I've heard people start right away, I hear people are asked to wait 3 months.  I can't imagine having to 'wait' to start trying for that long.  Thoughts?

Thank you!!!


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  • Generally people here have been told to wait until after the first normal AF...mostly to date the subsequent pregnancy.  Other have been told to wait longer but usually for some other reason (to wait for testing of tissue, having a molar pregnacy which is sort of like cancer, hormone issues, etc)  They really should have told you not to eat or drink for 12 hrs before your D&C sepecially if they knocked you out.  That is pretty standard procedure for outpatient surgery.

    Your chances of having a healthy pregnancy are good.

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  • yeah, my story is somewhat similar, 3 pg, 1 loss, but I have been telling myself that this was not a loss, because my baby isnt lost, I know exactly where my baby is, in heaven!
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  • I am so sorry for your loss.

    It is highly recommended you wait until the 3rd cycle after a D&C. Your endometrial lining has been totally removed. If you get pregnant right away, it will have nothing to implant into, and you could loose another pregnancy.

    After 5 losses... I did a TON of research on this. I have no more time to "waste". I reluctantly agreed that the studies are right, and any doc that says "go head and try the month after a D&C/D&E has not picked up a medical journal in a long time.


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  • They did not have time to tell me to wait 12 hours to eat because I had my U/S at 8am, left the hospital and was called back to the hospital at 11.  Although the DR who gave me the U/S should have mentioned something about that I suppose... since she was suggesting that I may be able to get the D&C the same day.

    I've heard that 1 out of 4 or 5 pregnancies end in a miscarriage.  I was very open minded that it could happen to me.  But after hearing the heartbeat at 10 weeks, my heart eased a little that everything was on track.  Although I did have a gut feeling something might be wrong since I was feeling so much better all of a suddeen, I became very anxious for the U/S to make sure things were ok.

    I'm so up and down it's crazy.  One moment I am like OK, I can get thru this, I have to... I have a 3 1/2 year old son that i have to be strong for, and then I have moments of weakness where I think, am I going to be miserable forever. Obviously I know that I will not be... in time, I will be ok. 

    Sorry for ranting.... I personally do not know anyone that has suffered a loss, so it's comforting coming to these boards!

    Thanks for your time.


  • I'm sorry about your loss and hope that this is your first and last loss. I know the feeling of seeing a strong heartbeat only to be told there is no heartbeat at the next visit. I'm wondering if maybe you should have them do lab work to make sure things are OK. They probably are...but just in case. I had no testing done with my first miscarriage but did all the testing with the second one. Turns out that I had elevated prolactin levels which I am convinced was behind my miscarriages. I had thousands of dollars worth of testing in the last five months to diagnose my prolactinoma. The good thing is that this condition is treatable. I have a $5 copay per month for a medication that keeps my prolactin level normal.....if I would have known this the first time around it would have saved me so much pain and grief.?
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  • Shannon, I am so sorry.  I hope you get the answers that you need.
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