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What is that horseback riding feeling???

I feel like I can;t walk - the inner thiugh uscles are shot and trying to do anything with my weight on only one leg is so seriously painful that I am having a hard time gettingi n and out of my car and my bed. WTF?


I'm seeing my Ob this week, but if anyone can give me insight or suggestions I would appreciate it. It hurts really badly.?

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Re: What is that horseback riding feeling???

  • I don't know!  But I've had the same thing with standing on one leg... particularly my right leg.  It's almost impossible to put pants on and take them off.  Mine is more my internal pelvic region.  Very painful!!

  • I am not a MoM, but I have pubic symphesis dysfunction, and that is what it sounds like you are talking about. I can not stand on one leg (like to put on pants) or roll over in bed. Basically your body produces a hormone called relaxin which helps your ligaments stretch. Some bodies produce a little too much. and it can cause a problem in the pubic bones, and hips.

    Warm baths help, and sometimes tylenol is necessary. Also, when laying on your side, keep a pillow in between your legs. 

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  • I told my dr about this the past few appointments and they can only suggest Tylenol. It's not fun!

  • I've had a similar issue. I go to a Chiropractor and he can always fix me (for a little while anyway). Pregnancy releases a hormone that lets your joints relax, and I have a tailbone that apparently likes to shift to the right. When it shifts, I get really bad pain in my lower back and my right leg when I put weight on it. Also, I lose some mobility in my left leg but it's not painful so I don't notice it as much.

     Good luck, it's not fun! I was in tears from it on Friday and it sucked a lot! 

  • imagefirsttogo:

    I am not a MoM, but I have pubic symphesis dysfunction, and that is what it sounds like you are talking about.

    I'm so glad you posted this!  I googled it and the symptoms sound pretty much exactly like what's been going on with me.  I didn't experience anything like it with my first 2 pregnancies, so I thought all the pelvic pain was just from 2 heads in my pelvis rather than 1.  This makes more sense though because I have a lot of the key signs.  Maybe with twins the body produces more relaxin??

  • Horseback riding feeling is EXACTLY how I described this yesterday.  Glad to know I am not the only one.  I go to the Dr. tomorrow and planned on asking him about it.

  • I called this lighting crotch for me.  I had the same problem.  It was in my legs on up to my crotch.

    If I sat for too long it hurt to get up, if I was up to long it hurt to sit down.  Getting out of bed in the morning was painful to.

    Thankfully I had to step up into our truck because it was so big.  I really couldn't get in our out of our other car because of this.

    I had the same problem with my DD. 

    But ask your OB.

  • I can commiserate! Now that I'm 35 weeks (36 tomorrow!) just lifting my legs forward to take a step is painful. I've developed quite a limp! Putting pants or socks on is nearly impossible--the muscles in my very top inner thighs feels like they're going to split in two!

    I think in my case it's worse because I'm on bedrest and rarely exercise or stretch those muscles. Luckily now that I'm moving around a bit more it seems to loosen up and feel better after being up and around a bit. Maybe you could try some stretching before you get up? Just a thought.

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