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Summer Handheld monitor users

We just started using this last night and although it seems to be fine downstairs away from Natalie's room, we get so much static when we use it upstairs in our bonus room which is across the hall from Natalie.  I'm wondering if it's all the electronics in our bonus room causing interference or if maybe we're too close to Natalie's room.  It's really annoying and makes it useless since we have to turn the volume down for our sanity to avoid the static.  Is this a common problem with this monitor?
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Re: Summer Handheld monitor users

  • We had problems w/ the standard Summer monitors, and had to go digital, and now we have no interference.  Could be your electronics - I'm not sure what made our original one have static.
  • I've noticed that I have more interference in some rooms than others.  I really notice a change in sound quality when I'm on the phone so I'm sure other electronics do affect them. 
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  • It could be your other electronics, or interference from a neighbor who has the same monitor (I notice this sometimes when I'm in the backyard with our monitor.)

    Our biggest issue with it is when we use the cordless phone -- the sound part of the monitor becomes totally useless because of all the static.  So I either try not to talk on the phone when we're using it or use my mobile phone if I need to. Or I just turn on the video and turn down the sound if I have to use the cordless phone.


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  • We've only ever had static when we were on our cordless phone, and then our monitor would go completely blank for those few minutes.  But we had to buy a new phone this summer for other reasons and the new one doesn't cause any interference, so now we never have that problem.  I'm sorry I can't be more help!  I love your pumpkin!!! :)
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