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Make my boobs even :(

I think I was feeding about the same pretty consistently on both sides but my left boob is definitely bigger and feels fuller all the time!

I've tried pumping the right one an extra 5 minutes longer or so whenever I pump but so far it just seems like the right one is getting smaller and not producing more milk at all.

Any suggestions?

Re: Make my boobs even :(

  • Join the club.  Left one is probably a cup size bigger than right one.  Maybe always start with that side first, so your LO is hungrier and sucking harder on that side? 
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  • I have one that is noticably larger as well.  Sometimes I pump twice as much milk from it as well!

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  • Lefty has always been bigger for me, even pre-pregnancy. I was hoping BFing would even things out, but no such luck!
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  • My right is considerably smaller than my left, yet DD got the most milk from the right.
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  • Sorry - I think it's a pretty common problem and there's not much you can do about it.  Righty is always bigger and lately has been much bigger - yet they seem to yield about the same amount.

    As early on in the game as you are, I wouldn't try to "fix" it for fear that you could make matters worse or mess up your supply.  Give it time - it may even out as your supply regulates.  Just continue to nurse equally on both sides.

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