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9 day old son just had 3 ounces!

My baby just had 3 ounces of milk for the first time. I offered it to him because he was starting to get hungry every 2 hours instead of every 4 and he actually ate it all! My little piggy!
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Re: 9 day old son just had 3 ounces!

  • My 10 day old has been eating 3oz for a few days - if we only give him 2 he is hungry an hour or so later.  They love to eat : )
  • My first son was like that! It really was nice not to have to worry about weight with him.
  • We;ve fed our little man 3oz at a couple of feedings in the middle of the night to try and get him to 3 -3.5 hours between sessions but otherwise we're sticking to 2.5oz (I'm EPing).

    Any insight into what the right amount is? I read something the other day that said a one week old's stomach only could hold on average 1.5-2oz, so I already was feeling like I was stuffing him with 2.5. Thoughts?

  • My Dr told me they should be having two and a half times their weight in ounces per day.  So my LO is 6lbs 8 ounces and should be having 17 ounces.  He is having about that. 

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