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House Temperature

What temperature are you guys keeping your houses at? At night I wake up sweating, but didn't think it was THAT hot in here- for the baby at least! Just curious! Thanks Smile
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Hatching the Hawks
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Re: House Temperature

  • If you are BF you are running hotter then everyone else.. and also your hormones are still returning to normal 2 weeks out :)
  • We keep our house at 72.  When I came home from the hospital I would wake up sweating too.  I think it's a hormone thing.  It lasted about 2-3 weeks and then got better, 
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  • 72..i wake up sweating too, but IM pretty sure it hormones b/c DH is shivering, lol  

    DD wears footy jammies and has a blanket 

  • 72. We have the Grobag Egg in our master bedroom where DS sleeps, just to be sure it's not too hot or cold...  We used to swaddle, but now he gets annoyed, so we have a blanket tucked under the sides of the bassinet. We also have a ceiling fan running throughout the night.
  • at night we keep it at 22 (71.6) and in the day it's 23.5 (74.3)
  • The temp fluctuates pretty wildly in our house which is a PITA. We keep it set at 73 but it's still freezing upstairs at night.
  • Between 70 and 71
  • We keep it at 76-77 around the clock
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