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No luck on finding gross spider

FIL thinks it crawled somewhere to die.  And he is promising me that it is dying if not dead already as did DH when I talked to him tonight.  I hope they are right because I am still grossed/freaked out beyond belief.  All my grocery bags are making an early trip into the washing machine asap.  And the place is getting checked very thoroughly and sprayed tomorrow.  I will bribe SIL if I have to so he's not around the poison until after it dries.  Ugh!  Huge gross for me.  I can't believe I'm going looking for a spider, hopefully just a carcass.  And I still don't know how it got here.  I checked the bananas before I put them in the basket yesterday.  I can't imagine anything that big being native to here or having such a good time in my grocery bags without me seeing it.  ::Shudders::

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