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XP: My daughter's announcement

I posted this on 0-3 also but figured you would all get a kick out of it too. :)

Tonight while we were out for supper, the restaurant manager came over and asked if everything was good.  She saw DD2 and asked how old she was and then asked DD1 if she was the big sister.  DD1 proceeded to tell her that yes she was the big sister and then made the announcement 'My sister Madison eats my mommy's boobies'!!  She had made this announcement at daycare a couple months ago so I really wasn't expecting it again...I just had to laugh.  As the saying goes...kids say the darndest things!

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Re: XP: My daughter's announcement

  • Ha! Too funny.

    We recently visited with some friends, and their daughter is 4. She has a new baby cousin named Violet, and when she saw our baby she said, "Violet gets her milk from her mommy's boobs."

    Ah, from the mouths of babes...

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  • I love the things that kids have to say. Even if they come at the most inconvenient time, they sometimes can create laughter!! Big Smile
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