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How to get tot to enjoy naked time...

Strip the pj's and the diaper.  Put diaper in the pail.  Give organic animal crackers in vanilla flavor (which are ridiculously good to mama, btw) and proceed to do dishes and occasionally chase after said tot saying in a funny voice "naked baby".  Produces giggles and momentarily stops the signing of dede (diaper).  Continue said routine for a half hour.  Cool


Yes, I'm very proud of myself at the moment.  DS hates naked time.

Re: How to get tot to enjoy naked time...

  • lol I thought most toddlers love naked time. ?I guess I was mistaken.

    C loves streak in front of the window, spinning in front of it too. ?Talk about naked time *sigh*?

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  • LOL.  Kate hates it too.  Ryan on the other is a reason I don't have a lot of clothes past 2T.  He hated clothes.  Still does although he is learning a little about modesty.
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  • imageluvlieK:

    C loves streak in front of the window, spinning in front of it too.  Talk about naked time *sigh* 

    lol - DD does this too with our sliding glass door.  If we have the door open to the screen, she'll stand there and go, "Woooooooooooooooh!" when she feels the wind.

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  • YAY for naked time!
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  • DS hates clothes.  He lives in pj's still.  I can sometimes encourage him to run without the pj's but naked is completely different.  He says dede and signs diaper until I put one on.  And sometimes he will tantrum and cry like you were breaking his heart.    But, when I do something like tonight he'll do it for a little bit but still ask/sign for diaper.  So, I'm happy whenever I can get air at his bum.  Over the summer I am able to get him sometimes in just a pf to run around outside.  MIL though is really peeved that he lives in pj's.  I personally think if he's comfortable and happy right now why fight with him over something so trivial.  And really I can't say anything because I live in pj's unless we're going out.  So, 95% of the time I'm in pj's and I don't even change to street clothes for most visitors/company either.  I'd be a hypocrite in the worst way.
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