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Soft Bums Advice

Hi, all!  I visited my cousin and his wife this weekend and was shocked to find they also decided to CD their son (who is 6 weeks older than my son).  They use Soft Bums on their 6 month old and love them.  I am going to get some of these for our collection and wondered

1. if other people like the?  

2. are the microfiber terry inserts good?  I don't really want to spend that much extra to get all bamboo since we are doing a package we have to pick.  The package comes with bamboo doublers that I am guessing would be best for nights...

TIA! and have a spooktacular end to your Halloweens.






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Re: Soft Bums Advice

  • I looked into them and decided that I wasn't really a fan.  I prefer natural fibers and for me I know I would never just replace the insert...I'd use the diaper once and then wash it. 

    But the people who love them love them...but I think that's true of any diapering system.

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