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My observation for the night...

Americans are lazy! So many people were driving tonight! Parents driving along to keep an eye on their kids rather than walk with them? Kids hopping in the car to get a ride to the next house? You're about to eat tons of sugar! Go burn some calories first! Not to mention all the gas wasted.
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Re: My observation for the night...

  • Hmmm....we're on about half acre lots and it just now dawned on me that this was the first year I never saw one person do this. Usually there is one or two, but this ear I didn't see any.

    I will say there was a lot more people than normal who just left buckets out with a sign that said "pick" one. I know a lot of our neighbors just said they wanted to trick or treat as a family and their parents couldn't come to give out candy, so oh well.

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