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s/o Grandparents trick-or-treating

I told DH about Luvlie's old people, and he said that sounds awesome. I told him that if you are old enough to go to the store to buy candy, you are too old to trick or treat, no matter how old you are. 

He told me that when he is 70, he is going to make a costume and trick or treat.

What say you, EFFers? 


Re: s/o Grandparents trick-or-treating

  • Well, I plan to be the crazy old cat lady who also sits out on the porch and points at the "hoodlums" while shaking her head.  So ToTing sounds like it would be up my crazy alley.
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  • He should do it! The costume has to be good, though. Not like teenagers who just throw on a mask and call it a costume!
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  • I personally think it's cool. Everyone should be able to trick or treat. We usually roast hot dog and hand out beer to anyone who wants them. Most houses do the same thing in our hood. It's just a very big party here and all is fun and games.

    FWIW, DH and I actually dressed up and trick or treated until I was a sophmore in college. I can still remember running home after class to start working on our makeup. We LOVE Halloween though...

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