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Wow....what a fun night!

The day started off well enough - got a ton of things done around the house. Then we actually got all five pumpkins carved even with Luke "helping." DH even did a Mike pumpkin from Monsters Inc that turned out awesome and he did it free hand from a picture. Both parents came over for dinner and then we took turns taking Luke and Brooke around the hood. Thank goodness DH and I both bought candy because we only had about 15 pieces left out of 1200! (And had to do 1 per piece toward the last half hour). Luke did great trick or treating fits and I only let him eat one piece aong the way. Then our neighbors invited us down for food and drinks. They had all kinds of cocktails going and their party trailer up and the games all on. I just came home since Luke was ready to crash. Hopefully DH will be able to figure out how to make it home, a whole two houses though, haha! What a fabulous Halloween though!


Re: Wow....what a fun night!

  • Sounds like fun! I need a neighbor with cocktails!!!
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