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Worth it to join Club?

I really wanted to try and join a MoM club once we move after our girls arrive and noted that the one they have for the county is about 20+ miles away from where I'll be living (so like a 30+ min. drive)....

Do you think it's worth it to still join? How involved in your local MoM clubs are you and what types of things/social outlets do they offer?

*Also, anyone know how to change their location for the Local Nesties board? I would like to try and get connected/informed for my new location but don't know how to change it since I don't use my current location board.

THANKS and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! (LOL--I don't even need a costume this year...at 38wks2dys pg, DH says my mega bump looks prosthetic!)

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Re: Worth it to join Club?

  • The closest MoMs club to me is a good 35-40 min drive.  We have meetings once a month and all kinds of activities throughout the year. We have dinners, playgroups, parties and carnivals 2-3 times a month. We also have a networking website where they have a message board, chat room and a 'for sale' section.   It is $20 a year to join.

    To me, it was worth it.  At the time I joined (16 weeks along) I desperately needed some other MoMs to talk to and get support from.

      So far, I haven't made it to any of the other activities (except the multiples sale - which was a MUST) everything is just too far of a drive for me, especially having a 2 year old at home.  I'm pretty sure I'll be getting to more activities in the spring/summer once the twins are here though.

    If you are unsure, most MoMs clubs will let you observe the first meeting before you commit, but for just $20 a year, it was worth it to me to get connected to other MoMs near my area.


  • Our MoM's club moves all around the area since there are people for all over St.L in it.  I joined in early August and haven't done anything except go to the sale so far.  They had a hay ride this month, but we knew it was going to be too crowded that we wouldn't even get on.  They're having breakfast with Santa in December, but it's going to be at a school an hour or so away.  I don't think I'll be too super involved, but the sale alone was worth it.
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  • I became friends with a mom of twins recently, and she loves our local MoM group. I can't wait to join, even though I'll be driving a good 40 minutes to take part in activities.

    My friend made $300 reselling her baby stuff at the MoM sale, and was able to buy a lot of things her kiddos needed to. That alone would make the cost of joining worthwhile.

    But what I'm really looking forward to is the community of ladies and making lots of new friends! I say go for it.

  • I have two within my area. One is 1/2 an hour and one is 45 - 60  minutes (two different cities).  I've been told the closer one does't have tons of members and most have 7-12 YO's except for two new MoM's. I haven't decided on which one to get involved with yet.
  • YAY for making it to 38w2d! That is awesome!

    I would say it's worth it to join; you can always try it for a year and see if it works for you. I know my local club has play dates (several per month), moms' nights out, etc., as well as their monthly meetings and two annual MoMs sales. 

    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • I'd say it is definitely worth it for the sale and also for the networking & possibility of participating in meetings & events at least sometimes. We have 2 in my area- one has a much more active online community & HUGE sale so I use taht one and the other has meetings closer to me so that is better for me, so I joined both. They're both inexpensive, I think $25 a year or something? 

    I have only been to one meeting but it is nice to meet other new MoMs and 'veteran' ones, I am hoping to make some friends there that I can see more regularly once life isn't so crazy w/ newborns.

    Also, even though they meet far-ish from you, there may be a bunch of women who live closer to you that you could do playdates & other stuff with! 

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