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Charity GTG Information!!

Ya'll were so no help in choosing the date for the charity GTG.LOL. It was split down the middle.. soooo i'm choosing Sunday afternoon - 12/20/09. It is close to christmas but what really is a better time to give some of our time for a greater good?  Only need you for an hour really!! Any time is appreciated!  Plus we get to hang out with each other :)

If you want to sign up please fill out this short form so I can have a tally of all of us to send out specifics to.

 Thanks! I look forward to seeing everyone!!

Re: Charity GTG Information!!

  • Boo the one day I can't go.  Hey I know its not personal....have a great time!
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  • kepkep member
    Awwww, man, I probably won't be able to come. Maybe something will work out, though. We'll see. Hey, did you ever get my e-mail--did you get your questions answered about OCC? Just wanted to check. :o) (no pressure)
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  • Do you too want to do another one on the november date we discussed - if so I would be glad to help out then too!!  I dont wnat anyone to miss out :(  I just flipped a coin and figured i would have more time organizing the dec date!
  • I would say go as planned.....we can always do another say in the spring.  People are always in need!
  • I need more people!! Come on people .. you dont have anything better to do  ;)  Lets make this huge!!!
  • I missed the OP about this.  What are you all doing at this GTG?
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