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2 m/o feeding only once overnight-- a couple questions?

So he clusterfeeds from 5-7ish, and then he sleeps till sometime btw 2am-4am (usually around 3-3:30).  (Nice, right?!)

He's been doing this for at least 3 weeks now, but I am still totally engorged by the time he finally wakes.  Then he only nurses well on one side, so the other is still uncomfortably full when he's done.  I change his diaper after he finishes the first side to try to wake him up and all, but I really think he's just full after finishing the first breast. (One night he didn't nurse from the second breast at all, and I was super uncomfortable, so I pumped and I got almost four ounces from that side alone, so I guess it would be a lot to expect him to take 8 oz at one time, right?)

So-- will I always be all engorged like that, or will my body ever regulate it like it's supposed to?  AND, is it better to let him drain the first breast and not really nurse on the second, or should I stop him like half-way through so he can nurse on the second, too? I do NOT want to pump in the middle of the night.  Thanks!


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Re: 2 m/o feeding only once overnight-- a couple questions?

  • I only pump right now, but since you said that he is leaving your one side engorged... I would stop him half way through and switch sides. The only thing pumping is going to do is keep your supply up. (more than what he is eating)

    This way you don't have to worry about pumping after he has eaten.

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  • If you stop him halfway before he's finished a breast then he won't get the filling fatty hindmilk, and that's important. 

     My lo is similar to yours, only the cluster feeding starts a little later in the evening, my breasts have regulated. For the time being if I were you I would feed on one side and pump just enough to relieve the engorgement on the other side (but don't empty the breast -- that will indicate demand, so your body will supply).  

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  • Honestly, the best thing to do is just to suffer through for a few nights.  Your body will adjust -- I promise!

    I really wouldn't try to get him to eat a little from both sides.  It'll just mess with your supply, and he won't get enough hind milk.

    Just tough it out -- if you have to pump some out of the second breast, just pump an ounce or so (only enough to make you not in pain).

    DD is only about a month older than your son.  She only eats from one side most of the time, and she sometimes sleeps through the night.  So there are times when I feed on one side at 5:30pm and not again until 8 am (because she ate from the other side before bed, then slept through the night).  It took a little while, but now I don't get engorged any more.

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