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Anyone ever gate check a BOB?

I am wondering if anyone has ever gate checked their BOB? By some miracle dh has a bussiness trip in Ft. Lauderdale (where ILs live and where we have to go for TG) so he can fly on the company which allows me to get cheap airfare and not have to spend 4 days driving and no hotel trips. It will be so nice there and they have a trail to run in their neighborhood so I'd like to bring my BOB but am not sure if it will fit through security, etc..Has anyone ever traveled with one?
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Re: Anyone ever gate check a BOB?

  • Wow....yours must be reeeeeally big to have to gate check BOB fits in my carry on just fine ;)   Oh mean a stroller...tee hee
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  • I flew to DC Last week and I didn't check a bob but a mom that went through security right behind me gate checked a DOUBLE BOB.  She had 5 month old twins in it in their carseats. It was too big to go through the x-ray machine so they used the wand on it.
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  • do you have a bag for it?  I'd be terrified of them breaking it!
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  • we have the single BOB and we have traveled with it a few times and we do gate check it. thankfully no damage...yet (knocking on wood). it is a little big but we love our BOB and take it pretty much everywhere.
  • They are so pricey that I hope you have a bag for it or something to protect it.  Keep us posted!  I would love to hear what you decide to do. 
  • I should add that I have gate checked our bugaboo 4 times and had no problem
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  • I second the bag thing. I bought a bag for our car seat b/c I trust the airlines that little. When I got my SNG back when we got home, they had halfway broken off the cup tray...luckily I got it back on....
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  • you don't need a bag if you gate check it. if you are checking it with your bags and sending it with your other checked luggage, then a bag is definitely necessary. we took ours on a ski trip and kept it with us until we boarded the plane. right before you get on, you hand it off to an attendant and it goes on top off all the luggage. It's the first thing off the plane when you land, so you have it right away. it's great.
  • also, it shouldn't cost anything extra.
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