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better today then yesterday....

I had a off day yesterday, got caught in the rain, van wouldnt start, had to switch all my things to DH truck, then drop my LO off to my mom, take her car because I am scared to drive a big truck in the rain, went to my 2 week checkup for my d&c, then went have lunch with my mom and hubby, then went to the farmers market, in the rain, then went get my oldest daughter off the bus, then went to Target, over spent, had to return stuff, then got everything loaded in my van, ( thought it was fixed), it wouldnt start again, my dad came get me, had to reload everything in his vehicle, got hom, unloaded, had to reload everything into hubbys truck, LO crapped all over herself, was missing some groceries that I bought at the farmers market, then hubby went hunting, so I was missing him and sad, so I came sleep at my mommy and daddys.
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Re: better today then yesterday....

  • WOW!

    dd(Brianna) 11/01/94, ds(Bram)10/17/95, ds(Jesse)9/26/97, dd (Annie Ruth) 7/27/05 5mc Jan '08, May '08, Feb '09, Sept '09, Apr '11 "And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one weak creature makes a void in any heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of vast eternity can fill it up." - Charles Dickens

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  • What a day !!

  • holy moly...all that happened in one day!?! 
    Started TTC - 01/2009 1st BFP - 09/04/09,1st u/s - 10/06/09- no heartbeat seen, D&E - 10/13/09 BFP #2 - 2/12/10, m/c 2/17/10 BFP #3 - 01/03/11 m/c 01/10/11 BFP #4 - 02/21/11 DS born 10/13/2011 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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