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NT scan for triplets?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, the nurse at the Peri office told me that they do not do genetic testing on triplets because it is not accurate or something like that.  Do they still do an NT scan?  I just like the idea of getting a good look at the babies again:)
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Re: NT scan for triplets?

  • I had an NT scan done on my twins... I know the blood part of it can throw off results since there are 2 babies- and you get the same blood sample... but either way - the NTS is not a yes/no test - it gives a risk profile, so it's never really that great of info.  We just got it so we'd see them again :) 

    change your subject line to say "NT scan with triplets?" so the trip moms will see it and can answer if they got them or not.

  • We did the NT scan and got a great look of the babies and they took measurements there and they still took blood but said the results wouldnt be accurate.

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  • For our twins they did the ultrasound part and took the measurements, but wouldn't take blood because of the risk in lower accuracy.  You could ask them about that.
  • I didn't get an NT scan, but i don't know if that was just because of my doctors or what. Hmm.
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  • I did get one...I wanna say it was around 12 or 13 weeks.
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  • my MFM did the NT neck measurements only.  He said there is no bloodwork because its not accurate and the only way to tell 100% was to do CVS if we wanted that.  We opted out of the CVS. 
  • Thanks ladies!   I will have to ask at my next appointment what the peri office does! 
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  • I got the NT scan but not the bloodwork. All the babies looked great, with perfect nuchal fold measurements! But the dr. emphasized that the NT measurements only provide part of the story, and that they don't do the b/w b/c it just wouldn't be accurate.
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  • I may be too late in answering this for you but my Peri said we can do the NT scan but not the bloodwork b/c of accuracy.  Both my OB and Peri are pushing us to have a CVS done...I still don't know what we are doing.  GL
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