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Need advise (number 2 related)

Poor Cambryn was playing this morning and all of a sudden looked up at me, and her face turned bright red. I knew she was going number 2 but then she started screaming! She was pushing really hard and was obviously in a lot of pain. When i changed her diaper there was a poo in there that resembled a rock! It was dry and hard (even though it had only been there for a minute) and had red specs in it...

She has recently started a LITTLE bit of rice cereal from a spoon but hasnt had any since Wednesday. Should I take her to the Dr? Or wait to see if it gets better? With all the sick kids right now I would hate to take her in if I didnt need to and get her sick but I also dont want her to suffer!

TIA ladies!

Re: Need advise (number 2 related)

  • Make sure she's hydrated enough - maybe give her a tiny bit of apple juice or something too.   And skip the rice cereal for a week at least.  It sounds to me like her intestines maybe aren't ready for it yet.   And when you start solids back up, just skip the rice.  Go to some real food and see if she does better - like mashed bananas (although those can be constipating too) or mashed sweet potatoes or something easy like that...

    I doubt she's sick.  Most sicknesses dont' give you constipation.   If it keeps up, you could call and talk to the nurse at your ped's office. 

  • My pedi said that if there was any constipation, from the rice cereal, to switch to oatmeal. Oatmeal doesn't constipate. Max becomes instantly constipated on rice, even if he hasn't had it that much. Make sure to keep her really hydrated, and it wouldn't hurt to call the nurse/doctor on call.

    I am sorry she is hurting so bad. I have been through those little rock hard rabbit poops, and they aren't fun! GL.

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  • Oatmeal still constipated Julia. We started putting a little bit of prune or pear juice in her bottles to help with constipation.
  • Tiny bit of prune juice does the trick everytime for Cruz.  You can also get glycerine suppositories that just lube them up so they can go without them hurting they are perfectly safe to give!  
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  • DD always got constipated from rice cereal bad so we switched to oatmeal...even that she had a little issue so mixed a tony bit of pear juice in oatmeal  with breast milk to keep her more comfortable... her body is just learning how to digest real food :)
  • Those "rocks" are a daily occurance at our house - we call them "nuggets"  :)
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