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What kind of schedule for pumping?

So my DS is BF and I'm trying to get into a schedule where I can pump to have a stash in the freezer. I'm having a hard time getting into a schedule where i can pump though and I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers on when I should pump? I'd love to get a good stash in the freezer but I'm finding it hard to get any pumping time, even though he's eating now about every 2 hours. Can I pump after an hour and still get some? Or will it take a while to get into a routine and get my supply up for that? 


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  • Try pumping right after he nurses.
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  • I pump in between feedings. My dd eats every two hours and I pump an hour after feeding. I do it about twice a day. My midwife and ped (I have asked both) think this is the best way to do it. They said your body should regenerate what you pumped within 45 minutes.
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  • I have read that pumping after the morning nursing is best because the morning supply is greater. You make the most milk in the morning and the least in the evening, so try to pump what you can after the first feeding of the day. Good luck!
  • Awesome!! Thanks everyone!!! 
  • I pump first thing in the morning (8AM) and last thing at night (10PM). B feeds off one breast and I pump the other one.
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