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CD washing

I have read just about everything I have ever seen about washing them, but here is one I need help with.  What would you do if you have an incredibly tiny little stash that you can hardly stand to wash all by themselves?  Is there anything you would combine them with?
My sweet boy :)
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Re: CD washing

  • I'd still wash them all by themselves in all honesty.  I feel they're completely sanitary, but I still keep them separate....

    That's just me though -- do what you feel comfortable with! :)

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  • Eh, that is what I thought too. 
    My sweet boy :)
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  • If DD poos on her clothes, I usually throw that clothing into the CD load (if I'm doing CD's before regular laundry, to wash it ASAP).  But then, I'll rewash the clothing item w/ the regular clothes.  While I'm sure it's okay and all, I just think it's a bit icky to put anything but CDs in a wash together (without then rewashing in a fresh load the clothes).
  • I'm with alchris.  Although I know it's completely sanitary, I just wash them separate. 

    Does your washer have different water level settings?  Since we can only CD part time during the week, I end up washing like 4 diapers on Friday.  I can't wait until I have more, because I just can't let them sit dirty that long.  So I wash them on the lowest setting on the washer and that works pretty good, with just a tiny amount of detergent. 

    I think some people wash their diapers with towels, if you're ok with that.  For some reason that seems better than washing them with clothes.


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