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Update on dad's sugery

Just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely and positive thoughts, vibes and prayers. It really helps! Dad got through surgery and recovery great. He has 2-3 nights in the hospital and he is a little sore, but he is in great spirits and making us laugh with his drugged up state. He even said, in a joking manner, that I did great getting him grandsons but failed in the granddaughter area. He then told my litle sister (who is younger and not even dating) that hopefully she will provide them! I shared the craigs list ad that Ashley shared and that really helped lighten the mood. My family thinks you are all very witty!

Re: Update on dad's sugery

  • Yay for G-unit! 



    Unable to even.  


    You don't understand the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch / think he's fug / don't know who he is? WATCH SHERLOCK.  Until you do, your negative opinion of him will not be taken seriously.

  • Oh that is such good news. I am so pleased that your Dad is in such good - drug fueled - spirits! 
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  • Glad to hear the surgery went well!  I missed the original post so I'll just send my Get Well Soon vibes now.

    Enjoy Halloween!

  • Awww I thought about you all day!!  So glad your dad is doing good!!  And I'm glad the sexy pirate made your fam smile!  :)
  • Excellent!!  I've been thinking of you all day! 

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  • Im glad the surgery went so well!   Hopefully his recovery is quick and pain free!
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  • That's terrific news!!  Here's to continued good progress and I hope he gets to go home soon.
  • I'm so glad it went well!
  • That's great news, I just got home and came on here to check if you had posted. I've been thinking about you and your family all day.
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  • so glad he is doing well!
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  • Yay. So glad to hear it. I hope he recovers quickly!
    The only Easter Bunny I can get behind.

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  • Thats great news! Here's to a speedy recovery for him.
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  • that's awesome news!!!!  woohooo  Party!!!

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  • I've been thinking about you guys all day... So glad to hear that it went well and that he's in good spirits!  
  • I'm so glad that everything went well! Hopefully you'll be able to relax and enjoy Halloween with your kiddos! :-)
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