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PSA: H1N1 Vaccine available in Triangle Area

Hi, I haven't posted here in awhile,but wanted to share a PSA.

I am a Kroger pharmacist, and just wanted to let you know we recieved 50 doses of the H1N1 vaccine last night around 7pm.  I went through 8 doses before I even closed at 9.....and I don't know how the word got out so fast!  But here's the information:

*By law, pharmcists can ONLY do 14 yrs old and up - so sorry no LO's.

*Each Kroger's was to receive 50 doses only (I work at the Wakefield one by the Marqui Movie theater)

*Cost is $10

*No appt needed- first come, first serve

*Each store may be different in their hours of operation, so check with the one closest to you, but we offer shots up to 1/2 hour before closing, hence:

Mon - Fri 8:30am-8:30pm

Sat: 9:30am-5:30pm

Sun: 12:30pm-5:30pm

I would also check with the Kroger's near you before going that they did get it (I'm assuming since we received our shipment, everyone did...)

Please keep in mind that we do not have an "extra person" on staff to do these is only the pharmacist on duty that day, who is also very busy this time of year filling prescriptions and counseling.  We work our wait times in along with prescriptions (so if our wait time for an script is 25 min, than the shot is also a 25min wait).  Expect a lilttle bit of paper work to fill out, and we have to process the claim in our computer system - that's what takes up most of the wait time. 

Also, if you want us to try and bill insurance that also takes awhile.  I must tell you most plans do not cover the vaccine at our site.  This is because as a pharmacist, I can only bill you drug coverage, and most drug plans don't recognize the vaccine.  Most likely it is your medical plan that will pay for the shot.  We can give you the paperwork if you want to try and get reimbursed later on through your medical plan.

I am out of town this weekend for my baby shower, so I wont get to meet any of you if you stop by my store.  But I really wanted to let you girls know this was available, since I am sure a lot of us are on the priority list.  (Korgers for some reason doens't want us to prioritize, just do first come first serve and most of the inquiries I've had have all been elderly folks).

Have a nice Halloween everyone!!!


Re: PSA: H1N1 Vaccine available in Triangle Area

  • oh, I guess I forgot to say this is for the shot, not nasal spray!
  • Thank you so much! My husband was able to get one at the Kroger in Durham this morning.
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  • Yes, thanks for posting this--I just got back from getting it.  NO WAIT AT ALL!!!  I went to the one by me in Wakefield.  Walked in, filled out the form, waited 10ish minutes, got the shot, and on my way!  

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  • The one at the intersection of Six Forks and Wake Forest Rd. also has it.  A line was forming as I left though.
    My sweet boy :)
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  • THANK YOU so much!!! I got mine on Creedmoor and I was the only one there for the shot. I still need to get Maddie the shot, but at least I know now if she does get it, I will be able to take care of her.
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  • Well FYI for those thinking of and ask if that location priortizes them...I went to the one on creedmoor road and lynn and they were priortizing...I am 26 and not pregnant so I cant get one...but my mom who is a nurse got hers and my 16 year old borther got his. bummer! of course i just remembered that there is another kroger by their house...guess i should have checked that one while out there..oh well cuz the cary and apex ones didnt have it!
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  • THANK YOU!!!  I got mine at 8:30 at the location on Six Forks (glad I got on here b/f work!!!) with no line, no wait, etc.  Again, thanks so much.
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