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TJs is packed!

If any of you went today then I am sure that you have the patience of a saint.  I was going to drop in at lunch but the parking lot is completely full and there was a line of traffic pulling in with nowhere to park.  I guess I will let the hype die down a bit and hope that it calms down before attempting to look around.
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Re: TJs is packed!

  • Hmm...I want to go tomorrow, but maybe we won't.




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  • That's how the Cary one was for a LONG time. Even now I don't like to go except on a weekday if I can help it!

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  • I'm so mad at TJs -- I believe there are now THREE in the Triangle and TWO in Charlotte and NONE in the Triad!  We just went to the Chapel Hill one on Saturday and we manage to hit one of them at least every couple months, but ideally it'd be more convenient so we don't have to limit our frozen things and yet still spend $200+ a pop!  The Fresh Market moved across town here in Winston 2 years ago and I tried campaining for a TJ's to fill the spot they left -- it would have been the perfect location and perfect size.  They're missing out on a whole market. :(

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