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Completion discount at BRU

Does anyone know the details about the completion discount at BRU? ?We have now had all of our showers and want to make a big trip to BRU to get the remainder of things that we need, but would like to get the 10% discount. ?Do we just tell them or are we supposed to do something else? ?TIA!

Re: Completion discount at BRU

  • Supposedly, they were to send the 10% off remaining registry items two weeks prior to my due date. Never came. So, I went in the other day and explained that I was past my due date now and still hadn't received the discount in the mail.

    They printed off a 10% off everything left coupon w/ my registry # on it and so we were able to go around and get what we needed and thankfully get 10% off each item. It felt soooo good to be DONE (for now at least!) with going into that store--I feel like I've lived there during this pg!

    GL and HTH

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  • I went to the registry desk and told them that the doctors think I'm going to deliver sooner than my due date and I want to get my registry shopping done now.  The woman gave me a completion coupon that day to use.
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  • My SIL is pregnant with a singleton and was recently told the same deal by BRU as pp... that she was eligible for the discount 2 weeks before her due date.  Seems pretty dumb to me!  What expecting mom wants to do a bunch of shopping 2 weeks before her due date (especially a MoM)?

    When we registered at BRU 3.5 years ago, we went shopping with gift cards right after our shower (on our way back home out of state where there wasn't a BRU), but I don't believe we were even aware of a discount!

    Good luck... hopefully they'll just give you the discount now because you're expecting twins.  Just tell them you probably won't be able to shop much longer : )

  • I just completed my registry yesterday with the 10% off and can pass along a few tidbits that might help.  The coupon is only good for items in the store, not online items, which might be problematic if the item is not currently carried in the store.  For example, the Medela Freestyle pump I wanted was currently out-of-stock and at $379, I wanted to make sure that I could use my 10% off coupon.  I asked to speak with the manager and they did a special something or other so I could use the coupon.  I also made sure that I went to the largest BRU in my area to try to ensure that they had most of the items on my registry.  Also, we signed up for the BRU credit card, which gives you another 10% off  (i.e., 20% off total) and allows you to start accumulating points, which will give you gift cards back.  This is probably only worth it if you plan on making a huge purchase and don't mind the additional credit check another credit card entails, etc.  

     Good luck and have fun!!! 

  • Thank you! ?I really hope they let us do this soon, as I am NOT in any way going to be shopping so close to my due date....that is lame.
  • I'd try talking to the registry people in person.  You might have better luck that way.  I never got my coupon and no matter how many times I called, still never got it. 
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