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So...I spent the night in the ER

Last night around 8 I started gushing bright red blood. Went straight to the ER. They were little help. The babies were fine but they couldnt find my cervix (wtf?). So as soon as my OB's office opened, there I was. They found my cervix. Said it has shortened slightly but is still in normal range (went from 3.5+ to 3.00). OB said this is ok as long as it doesnt continue to shorten. They think the bleeding was nothing but a scary situation. She's checking me next wednesday. If my cervix shortens i'm off to MFM to greatly consider a cerclage.

Anybody had a cerclage? what was your experience?

Also, anyone's cervix shorten a little this early on? What did it mean for you?

Thanks everyone!!

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Re: So...I spent the night in the ER

  • I have not had that experience, but you may want to see if they'll send you to an MFM anyway, unless your OB is very experienced with twins. My OB sees twins, but always "co-manages" with the MFM. I trust my OB 100%, but it was good to have a specialist discuss some things with me. Esp since you're only 14 weeks and having some complications, they may be able to keep a better eye on you. Just a thought. Sorry you had to spend a night in the ER and I know how scary bleeding like that is. 

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  • Yuck, I'm so sorry to hear you had to go thru this.  I hope everything is okay for you & the babies. 
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  • Wow, what a scary night, glad to hear you and your twins are all right.  Take care :)
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  • So sorry that you are going through this.  Bleeding red is always so scary!  Did they find the source of the bleed?  Even if it was a fluke, they should still tell you where it is coming from so that you know what is happening. I don't see how a cervix shortening creates bleeding.  

     I had red bleeding at around 10.5 weeks.  The day of and 2 days after they could not locate the source of the bleed.  They thought it was a blood vessle that burst in my cervix.  However, 6 days later it was very clear that I had a subchorionic hematoma (which is apparently more common with twins).  It had  nothing to do with my cervix.  They could not see the hematoma right away because fresh blood is more difficult to see and the hematoma hasn't formed at that time. 

    I would suggest getting checked out in a few days AND seeing an MFM either way.   Hope you feel better soon and get answers.  I know how scary it can be.

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  • I am so sorry, I know how frightening that is! 

    Ditto the pp...I had a bright red bleed at 13 weeks and it turned out to be a subchorionic hematoma.  It was small but really close to my cervix so it bled for a couple weeks.  DId they do an ultrasound?  It made me feel so much better to know what it was

     I don't have any experience with cerclages, but I hope you get peace of mind soon.  Take care

  • They did an ultrasound, but said they couldnt see ANYTHING that would cause a bleed. The OB said something about maybe a just had a large blood volume and my body was letting some go. Thats not as clear cut of an answer as I was looking for...
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    Twins born too early at 23 weeks due to incompetent cervix
    FET #1, IUI #1, 2, 3, 4 - all BFN
    IVF #3 BFP!!! IT'S A BOY! Born July 16th, 2011
    FET #2 BFP! Due February 15, 2013
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  • I have a shortening cervix that has stopped shortening for now.  It went from 4.7 to 2.7 in two weeks.  I never had any bleeding.  I am on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy and on progesterone suppositories.  My MFM said a cerclage would be done if it gets to 1.5 cm...I would like to get it done but he said that the risks to babies out weighs the benefits.  If it can be controlled this way then no cerclage for me.  Good luck!!
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  • I'm so sorry. ?I had bleeding at 12 weeks and went to the ER. ?The babies were fine and they never found out the cause. ?My cervix was not shortening though. ?I hope that you are seeing a peri anyway, even if your cervix does not change. ?I see a peri and my OB and it's really helpful. ?Personally I think it's necessary with twins. ?I know not all OB's agree, but most MoM's on here will say that it is needed. ?Hopefully your cervix will not change. ?GL to you!!
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