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  • I just read through the first page, but that's 100% brilliant.
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  • You just have to love some MUD!  That's hilarious.
  • More proof you need to pass a basic common sense test to reproduce :)

    (really, that has to be MUD...)

  • Wow...if that isn't mud, the OP really doesn't understand the temp differences you can get, how to chart, or what a HPT tells you.  I feel bad for her actually.  Although she definitely missed something on how charting and reproduction works, she is still pg and is probably totally bummed after all those comments.  I'm sure that wrecked her BFP excitement (for the moment).

    But LMAO at the ridiculousness of her comments!

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  • I thought it was kind of funny. I had no clue what MUD was, and kept scrolling thinking what are they talking about? 
  • Holy crap. My guess is that is total MUD, or this girl is unreal. How do you NOT understand basic biology if she actually does believe that stuff?! Crazy!
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  • I think it has to be MUD because anyone with the knowledge to chart knows better.  But the tickers were a nice touch!

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  • Ha!

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  • That was awesome. If that was MUD (LauraBrett: Made Up Drama), it was very creative. :) The tickers make it even awesomer.
  • If this is MUD which im pretty sure it is....its sorta sad to think that there are prolbably people out there that would believe this!

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  • Things like this make my brain hurt.
  • wow, I hope that is MUD. it not, that is just sad. The tickers are a nice touch.
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