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Sad/emotional week.

Well I got a BFP on Saturday.  I was pretty excited, but had a feeling even right away that it wasn't going to stick :( 

I started spotting monday and bleeding monday night.  I went to dr on tues and their pee test was negative.  they did an ultrasound and blood test.  the ultrasound showed something, but the np said she thought it looked like a sac had tried to form and just didn't.  

i went back yesterday for another blood test, but the first one came back w/ no pg hormone at all, so there is officially no baby.  

not sure what happened.  i was so so sad on mon/tues.  by yesterday  i knew what they were gonna say and i'm in the logical phase and know it just wasn't meant to be.  

the good news is my dr told me yesterday that everything looks good and that we can actually start trying right away.  we don't have to wait 6-8 weeks.  so i'm glad about that.

so i'm really glad this week is over!!!

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