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PP Hair - insult to injury

Ok seriously, I've lost a ton of hair.  I've [mostly] come to grips with my new thin locks.  HOWEVER, the hair that's regrowing... a decent amount is GRAY.  Full on NO pigment.  The big 3-0 is drawing close but seriously, I could live a few more years without dealing with gray hair.  Sigh.  Now I've got to decide whether to embrace it or dye it because I can't keep pulling them out, I'll be bald.  I haven't messed with the color of my hair since I got married in 2003 - I liked keeping it simple (and a lot cheaper!).

If you've got grays, do you embrace them or color them?  Am I insane to do a dye job at home (also haven't done that since college and I went through some brassy shades then)?

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Re: PP Hair - insult to injury

  • Well I don't have greay hair, but not even being 30 yet, don't embrace them! Color it! ?

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  • I feel your pain. Grey was not something I was even considering since both my parents are going grey pretty late. Not even 28 til Nov so I was pretty pissed to see those couple of "greys" (same as yours, just basically no pigment but I can't fool myself that it's coming in blondeTongue Tied)

    Once I get enough that it is truly noticeable- I fully intend to start coloring it! I am way too young to rock the grey look IMHO

    Oh and I might start out doing it at home until it gets to the point where it takes a lot more work.

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  • Considering my advanced years, I'm shocked that I haven't seen a gray yet.  Especially since I haven't colored since before being pregnant. But then again, I seem to be sporting the neverending ponytail, so maybe they are there and I just haven't seen them yet?

    I'm not sure what color your hair is, but as someone that dyed their hair red for years, I'm kind of grossed out when I look at old pictures of myself and my brassy head.  Even though I'd hate the cost, if I was to start dying again, I think I'd go pro with it.  Maybe low lighting might be a good way to go?

  • I was actually going to tell you I thought your hair looked nice!! I forgot to mention that the day of the play date.

    My mother claims she saw a gray hair in my head (I'm 31), but I don't believe her. My sister is 36 and has gray hair. Apparently she said it is really hard to cover gray with box color and you need to go to a professional.  I would color it, you are too young to embrace it!




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  • I have a friend from HS who is almost completely gray & we're 26!!

    I don't like to color, but I'm definitely not ready to embrace it yet. I'd try out a box at home & if it doesn't work well, then go to a prof. & have it fixed. 

  • I have a few grays and I color my hair sometimes.  The bad thing about hair color is that you have to maintain it.  I suck at that.  ;)  I normally just get highlights and that helps hide the gray because I have dark blond/light brown hair.  But I'm planning to go back to home color b/c I just can't afford to keep up highlights right now.  The key to getting good results with hair color is to pick whatever is closest to your natural shade.  Of course it looks fake if you're going super blond or fake red (I've btdt with both), but if you stick to your natural hair color it should work okay.  I tend to use Feria b/c their cool marketing works on me, or one of the other L'oreal brands.

  • I had the same thing as you.  All the hair that came back in, came back in sparkly silver.  Also, it's much coarser (more coarse?) than my normal hair.  I have dark hair so it's really noticable to me.  I've talked to my stylist about doing a demi permanent since I don't really want to do all over color.  She also said that she could just go over the grays for me.  So, we'll see.  It's only $35 for a Demi permanent color - which means it washes out over time so you'll never have roots.

    But yeah... It sucks.

  • Ouch.  My hair has finally just started falling out in the last couple of weeks.  It's a ton of hair and DH likes to joke that I'm going bald.

    Now I'll have to tell him that it's going to come back grey.  Wonderful.

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