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Went to Gymboree didn't like it too expensive!

Has anyone taken their babies to Gymboree class?  I wasn't into it and the membership is so expensive! 

Re: Went to Gymboree didn't like it too expensive!

  • I never tried the Gymboree classes, but I took my son to a "Baby Gym" then a Parent/Tot class at a local gym for a long time and I'm getting ready to sign Caroline up too. We LOVE it!
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  • We tried Gymboree, My Gym and The Little Gym.  Although they're all about the same price, I found The Little Gym to be much better for DD, at least.  She loves it! 
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  • We have taken trial classes at Little Gym and Gymboree and I much preferred Little Gym too. Unfortunately they are still too expensive for us! I want to try a My Gym class too. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a semester of one for DD's Christmas gift or not.
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  • The family I work for had their LO in Gymboree and loved it...unfortunately the one in Durham closed so he goes to Little Gym now...I like it and he likes it, but per his mom she thought Gymboree was better and that he liked it better. 


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  • The LO I care for during the week was signed up for Gymboree classes about a year ago during the summer.  The summer programs are slightly more flexible - the people told us if we were in one program we could do drop-ins for other age appropriate programs, which we did once or twice.  She liked them enough - the art class was definitely a good one, but I wouldn't consider them fabulous.  I never had to look at prices since I didn't pay for it, but I expect it was pricey.

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