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OB/GYN who delivers at Evanston

Hi ladies! I am looking for a new OB/GYN and I would like to deliver at Evanston again. Any suggestions? My new insurance doesn't cover my previous OB. TIA!

Re: OB/GYN who delivers at Evanston

  • Hi

    I also delivered at Evanston and plan to have any future babies there.  My ob was Carol Cislak.  She wasn't on call the night I delivered, so someone else in her practice delivered me...Shishler is her last name.  Their number is 847/869/5800.  The practice is a block away from Evanston hospital and they are great.


  • BTW--I noticed that your daughter is just a few weeks younger than my son.  Have you been able to meet other moms in the area?  I'm looking to start a playgroup if possible to meet other moms and let my son meet other babies his age.  Or even going for stroller walks together when convenient.  No pressure, just thought I'd ask.

     Feel free to email me at [email protected] if interested.  I'm in S Evanston.

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  • I have two suggestions for you.  Either Dr. Warner or if you don't mind a Midwife Kathy Pauls.  I love them both.  I'm currently TTC and I will use Kathy as long as I have a normal pregnancy.  If not then it will be Dr. Warner.  It's a great office and they are across the street from the hospital. 847-864-1200.  Good luck. 
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  •   Hi-  I see Dr. Gail Goldberg from Northshore Associates.  Her office is right across the street from the hospital.  The office staff and nurses are great, and she's a great doctore.  This is my first baby, so I can't compare, but I'd see her for future pregnancies.
  • I also see Dr. Cislak in the Cos Building right across the street from Evanston Hospital.  She is great.  The practice is not very big, and I am able to get in late on Wed nights.  It is a very nice practice and I have been seeing her for about 6 years now.  If you get anything done at Evanston it goes right through the computer to her so everything is connected which is really nice.  I had to have tests done at the Fetal Diagnostic Center there and she knew all the results that day.
  • I had Dr. Debra Schlessinger and she was fantastic. The nursing staff was also wonderful, will plan on going there again if and when we have another LO!


    Also, just noticed the above post...our little girl Charlotte is only about 4 months, and I've been looking for a mommy group in the area as well. Would you ladies like to get together for play dates?

     You can reach me at [email protected]!Wink

  • I also use Midwest Center for Women's Healthcare, previously Partners In Womencare, and all the doctors are great.  I use Dr. Kim, my mom and sister both see Dr. Pellar and we have all seen Dr. Warner as well.  It's a great practice located in the professional building right across from Evanston Hospital (they also have a location in Buffalo Grove). 

    847/ 864-1200

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