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Goose Egg

this afternoon, Evie hit a wall at Marietta Square and had a small bump on her head.  I felt bad for her, but she never cried so I figured it was not a big deal. 

Later on today, we were in our back yard with our neighbors.  I was pushing my neighbors daughter in the swing and Evie rand RIGHT BEHIND it.  I was at a loss to react quickly enough and the swing knocked her right down.   She seriously has a goose egg, I can see it starting to black and blue already.   But I couldn't find her boo-boo right away because it is in the exact same place as this morning bump.   It took forever for me to realize the bump got 10x bigger.

She cried so hard.   I felt so bad.  It took so much to calm her down.  I just held her and let her cry.   It makes me miss our nursing days when I could calm her down in seconds.   

Re: Goose Egg

  • Poor thing.  SC fell of the sofa about a month ago onto the hardwoods and immediately got a HUGE goose egg.  She was OK, but when I set her down she fell asleep RIGHT away and I was having  ahard time waking her.  Well, she didn't have a nap that day, so it wasn't weird, but all the same I called CHOA and basically, iced it down. Gave her tylenol 1 time only for the immediate discomfort.  Let her sleep an hour, woke her up to make sure she was ok, and I slept with her that night so I could check on her.  I didn't wake her up, but was so freaked out by the falling asleep quickly it just made me feel better.

    I know you did everything you could and you are a great mom, its just so hard to hear them cry.   

    So sorry she has had quite the day.  I was so happy to see you today!  its been too long.  Evie is just  gorgeous!  

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  • Yeah, its so hard.  And I am of course feeling guilty because I pushed the swing into her. With a 35 pound kid in it.   Mom guilt is the worst. 

    It was great to see you guys too.  I miss you all.    It was nice seeing SC and Mags again too, they have gotten so big!!    

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  • Aww poor Evie! I hope she feels better.  Don't beat yourself up I have been there plenty.  Mom of the year award and all!  It was great to see you both also.  I am always free on Tuesdays.  We do have gym class from 9:30 to 10.  Let me know if you ever want to get together closer to you alls although I do love the square.  I will post my pics soon.
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