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Cyst burst = nausea?

I feel like complete crap. I'm on a break cycle on BCP because of a cyst. Ever since my workout this morning I've felt on the verge of feeling like I'm going to vomit. It comes and goes but it pretty prevelent all day.

Should I be calling my IF nurses (who won't be in until 730am tomorrow) or shoudl I just lay low?

Any input?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Cyst burst = nausea?

  • For me, cyst burst = SEVERE PAIN
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  • I would call your dr.for sure. I had a cyst that didn't burst, but it got so large it torked my ovary. And my ovary was wrapped around itself. I was in a lot of pain and vomitting all morning. They had to remove the cyst and un-tork my ovary. They said I could have lost my ovary had I not gone in. Definitely call your dr.
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  • I'm so sorry you are experiencing that...whenever I have a cyst burst, it's excruciatingly painful and yes, I definitely feel sick to my stomach.  Hope you feel better very quickly!
  • i had a cyst burst last week and i thought i was going to die. anal/vaginal spasms, abdominal pain. i started hyper-ventilating, got really sweaty and then vomited. i remained int he fetal position for the next two hours. it was awful. 
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