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Anyone else having bad Headaches??

I'm almost 12 weeks and have been having daily headaches that range from slight to pounding depending on the position I sit or lay for the past week or so. Tylenol does nothing and cold compress' can only do so much. Will ask Ob at next visit (tomo) but just curious if anyone else is experiencing this. 

The all day ms has gone away a little - but is being replaced by the headaches... oye! 

Re: Anyone else having bad Headaches??

  • That's a bummer! Never had those myself. Could it be allergy related with all this smoke in the air?
  • i had/have them all the time. ?My dr. told me it's hormonal & totally normal.
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  • try lots of water.  Its been hot and you might be dehydrated.  Also, tight ponytails or headbands can do it.
  • I feel for you!  I'm 22 weeks and have had headaches almost the entire doc said it's probably due to lower blood pressure and there isn't much one can do other than Tylenol...sigh... I hope it's let up for you a bit!

  • I can totally relate.  I got regular migraines BEFORE I was pregnant and I thought I would be free of them for 9 months, but I was WRONG!  My doctor says it is hormonal fluctuations as well as dehydration.  Since my headaches mirror migraines and make it hard to function, I take some time and lay down with an eye bag, take one tylenol, and drink lots and lots of water with lemon.  Best of luck and just remember that when we are pregnant there is no such thing at too much rest! ;)
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