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Hey ladies-

I?m just wondering if any of you used GNC?s FertiltyBlend to try to concieve.  My husband and I are going to be TTC in the near future and just wondered if anyone had any experience with these vitamins.  Thanks!


Re: Vitamins?

  • I've never heard of it, but I've never done any research either. I have been using use an off-brand pre-natal vitamin for a year now (found at Cub Foods). It is about 5$ cheaper then the other stuff & my labs came back really good. I've always had low iron & my results came back in the high range. Good luck w/whatever you decide!
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  • I know of two people that used it after going through lots of other infertility procedures, and both wound up pregnant.  Could just be a coincidence, but both swear by it.  I cannot use it because we have already started Clomid and other treatment for my ovulation issues, but my husband is taking the Fertility Blend for Men, after I did alot of research on it.    May not do much of anything, but it couldn't hurt.  I figure he could use the extra vitamins anyway, and if it helps in any way....BONUS!
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