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Bleeding 10 days after IVF transfer...

I am on Proestrogen suppositories, I had an IVF transfer 10 days ago. I started to spot on Fri and today I am bleeding like a period. I feel pretty wiped out(tired, cramping). They said I probably would not get a period even if IVF did not work until I was off proestrogen. Has this happened to anyone? Should I consider it my period? I still have 5 days until they take my blood for a pregnancy test. I will call Dr tomorrow.

 Any ideas or advice for me? thanks. 

Re: Bleeding 10 days after IVF transfer...

  • With two of my IVFs I bled before my beta even though I was on progesterogen (once was the PIO shots, once was the supps).  I don't have any advice.  I wish I could tell you a happier experience, but with me, it was indeed AF rearing her ugly head.  I'd call your doctor (I did both times).

    Best of luck to you...I hope the bleeding is nothing!

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  • Try the Infertility Board. 

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  • thanks. good luck to you too;)
  • Hello Ked1068,

    I was wondering how you found an adoption agency that you trust. Where do you even begin to find one? I live in Toledo, OH.


  • This happened on day 7 of my first ivf, post transfer, I too was on progesterone, ask to have your beta moved up to see what is up.
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