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confused on medical ..

i went to my doc apt today &my mom told me to ask my doctor about how i could get medical for my baby.


note: im only 17 &27wks along.


my parents insurance are covering me for all the doc visits and deliver but once the baby is born , my parents wont be able to put my baby under the insurance/medical plan.


im so confused &stressing out about it cause i know its a big deal.

help ?

Re: confused on medical ..

  • You should look into the Neighbor hood health care plan. I believe it is a state run thing, but it's not bad from what I hear. GL to ya.
  • thanx, ill look into it.

    probably call &find out tmrw. hopefully i figure this stf out soon. i dont want to be stressing bout it at the very last minute.

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  • I know this is a month after you asked, and have probably (hopefully!) figured this out, but my responding may also help someone else.

     Neighborhood Health Plan is an insurer that you buy a policy from, you have to go to the RI dept. of human services to be qualified for free/subsidized care (RIteCare) if that is what you are looking for.  There is an application you have to fill out (available at DHS, or online:

    You can then choose between Neighborhood, Blue Cross, or United. 

    It does take a little leg work and follow up, but the people are nice and try and help but they are swamped so it does take time.  If you are unmarried and not working full time you/your child will be approved.  Mom is guaranteed 1 year coverage, baby (as long as mom's income is low) will be covered until 18, or until mom makes more than the max allowed.

    I lucked out, I went to the W&I Women's Primary Care Center, they have a financial aid officer who will either file or follow up on your application with DHS, they also will defer your payment until you have healthcare, so you don't have to wait a month or two before going for your first prenatal check-up.  Technically it is a clinic, but it doesn't feel like it- everyone is so nice and helpful, and I continue to go there even though I have insurance now and can go were ever I want. 

    Good Luck! 

  • Are you delivering at W&I? They sent up a social worker who filed all the paperwork and told me what I needed. It was pretty easy, if I remember correctly, they need pay stubs and ID. In your  case they may need less b/c you are a minor. There is no point stressing out about it b/c they won't do anything until the baby is born anyway. Do you have a co pay? You may quailfy for coverage as well. You can go to the dept of health web site for info or to a local branch. Good luck!
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