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Hi there....I am new to the CT board.  Have been TTC for about a year now with little success.  But have been referred to a fertility doctor over at the UCONN Fertility Clinic.

Anyone have any advice as to what to expect there?

 Cindy  :)

Re: new to ct board

  • I don't have any experience there, but wanted to welcome you!  The board is a little slow, but people check in here and there.
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  • welcome!  I have no advice but wanted to wish you luck!
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  • Thanks ladies.....hopefully it will all go well. 

     I noticed that it seems a little slow on this board.  But will definitely keep checking in!


  • I don't have any experience with this but i wanted to welcome you. UCONN is great with everything else so I'm assuming that they will be great with that too. GL!
  • hi I went to UCONN for fertility treatment and was very happy. I am now expecting twin girls! Advice be prepared to travel there often and get there early for bloodwork. It is time consuming but well worth it. Good luck!!


    PS What doctor are you working with? They were all great,

  • Welcome!  I don't have experience firsthand but my SIL went there for treatment and loved the staff there.  She was almost sad when she graduated back to her regular OB and she now has a healthy 7 mo little boy.
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  • welcome and GL!  I don't have any advice, other than hearing that the MD's there are great.
  • That is great!  Congratulations!  Wow twins....... :)

    I will be working with Dr. Engmann.  Hopefully he can help us.  Who knows maybe we just have a timing issue.  But we shall see.

    I am nervous and excited!

  • I love UCONN they are super nice there and they really are very informative. I have dr nulsen. all the nurses work together and really make you feel very comfortable.

    good luck



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